One day after posting a series of funny interview stories on my social media page, I was encouraged by a few people I admire to write a book. Me? Write a book? I only wanted to share stories to make people laugh while teaching them a lesson about the interview process all at the same time. After taking a leap of faith, I decided to give it a try!

Maybe you feel inadequate, or maybe you are too afraid to go after your heart’s desires…I want to encourage you that you can do ANYTHING you put your hands and thoughts to, with the help of God! Yes, there are millions of books, companies and cool ideas out there on the market, but no one is called to do what you do. I want you to know that you have something to give! You never know who is out there waiting on you to share information that could change their life.

My new book is available here on my site. I want to encourage you to purchase one for yourself and anyone you know who could use some encouragement on preparing for job interviews.


“One of the greatest gifts I have ever given myself is…believing in myself!”


L. Fentress