I've participated in many job fairs over the span of my career, and one thing I have noticed is people can become very frustrated whenever they continually apply to jobs but do not hear anything back from the companies. As I reflect on the angry person who often approaches my table, they spend a lot of energy on pointing out how experienced they are and how they should have been hired etc...etc... The main thing I notice is their attitude! You can have the PERFECT resume, but...if your attitude stinks, it stinks! You have to understand that your attitude plays an intricate part in your brand. YOU are your BRAND! Let's do a little test. Read over the following questions and reflect if this is your experience. 

1. Do you have a negative outlook or view on your job search experience? 

2. Do you start conversations and greetings off by complaining? 

3. Do you walk around feeling offended by a company that rejected you?

If you answered yes to anyone of them, you may need to have an attitude adjustment! Here are a few suggestions towards having a better attitude:

  • Speak positive affirmations to yourself
  • Put a smile on your face
  • Hold your head up with confidence
  • Keep knocking until you get the yes you are looking for

Trust me, it's something I'm constantly working on too!