This evening I was sitting on my couch studying for a certification exam that I will soon have to take, when I received a message from a dear friend inviting me to dinner. Sushi with my sweet friend??? Absolutely! I am always honored to be thought of, so I immediately hopped up, put my shoes on, jumped in the car, and headed to our meeting place.

It was so great to see my friend because she's awesome and I haven't seen her in a little while. Little did I know.. it was really a date with God... See, lately I've encountered some struggles in my career that I could not understand and honestly... didn't want to. I've gone home frustrated many evenings trying to wrap my mind around some of the uncomfortable conversations and encounters I've had to endure on a daily basis. My awesome husband has been as supportive as he could be as I try to explain to him what I am feeling, and he always tells me to pray and trust God, but honestly.... it is not always what I want to hear. It's easier said than done. Tonight I was reminded through my time with my sweet friend that God cares about where I am and that He wants to teach me something about myself through these experiences. Endurance is the word for the night for me! After my conversation tonight, I also realized that I've been carrying things that God wants me to release to Him. Life can surely weigh you down when you decide to pack up your bags of frustration and carry them everywhere you go. I don't take any encounter I have with people lightly; I look at it as an opportunity. 

So when you get a call from a sweet friend to eat at a cool place, in your favorite area unplanned, just could be a date from God. I will end this by saying that I am grateful that He cares enough about me to reach out through a vessel who was willing to reach out to me.