Recently, I had an interview for a position in my company. It was for a position I felt I was qualified for. Long story short... they didn’t pick me! I was encouraged with the statistics for the amount of applications this department received versus the amount of people who interviewed for the job. I was included in this selected group of people. When I received the call informing me that they had made their selection and it wasn’t me, I felt excited! Why in the world would anyone be excited to not be selected for a job they felt qualified for? Allow me to answer this question with the revelation of my excitement!!! See, this department has an amazing leader who chose a person who will be excited and fulfilled in this new role, which will positively impact the department, help create positive experiences for our customers and the general public, which ultimately makes the world a better place! We are privileged to be beneficiaries of the difficult decisions that some of our leaders make everyday. I have never been so excited to celebrate someone else being chosen over me!

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Photo Credit: @Cory+CaseyPhotography