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Leaders Be Aware

Leaders Be Aware

Have you ever been responsible for a group of people as a leader? If you lead a team in the workforce or any organization, this message is for you.


It is very easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks at hand. Business can be, and often times is, very demanding no matter what line of work you are in. Many times I have observed a new team member being held accountable for tasks that he or she has not been properly trained on. How does this happen and why does this happen? I'm going to take a guess and members are often looked over and underdeveloped. 


What type of work environment have you created for your team? What types of tools does your team have access to in order to be successful? What kind of training and empowerment have you vested in your team members?


Many years ago I started watching how people work and what they need in order to be successful. I have discovered that it really doesn't take much. Let's start with things that will not affect your budget as a company like...COMPLIMENTS, PRAISE and RECOGNITION! It costs absolutely nothing to  speak a word of encouragement or to give a pat on the back to your team members. 


Reactions, Results, and Responses!

How do you want your team to perform? Is everyone on your team doing exactly what it is they are good at? Do you have an environment that welcomes feedback on every level? What kind of results are you looking for in your team members? 


What if I told you that as a leader, YOU have everything to do with the success of your team?


Are you ready for change?





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