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Victory On the Other Side of Fear

Victory On the Other Side of Fear


In 2016 I made a decision to do everything that presented itself as a fear in my mind. My motto was "do it afraid!" Besides...what would happen if I reached beyond fear? We all have something that we are afraid of, and a lot of those things are attached to our dreams. Think about it for a minute...what are your dreams? No, not the shallow ones you are prepared to use as a quick response to someone asking you upon meeting you for the first time. I'm talking about those deep hidden desires that have been buried under what we call life. 


What do you think about the most and then dismiss because you have practiced speaking against those thoughts as they arise? What would happen if you made a decision to do something you have always wished to do? Could it be the start of your very own business? Or maybe a trip to a country you have desired to visit? Seriously, what's the worst thing that could happen? DO NOT ANSWER THAT!!!


Let's think about what COULD happen. I am convinced that victory will meet you on the other side of fear. 


This past week I stepped outside of my comfort zone and did something I was very afraid to do, and to my surprise...I ended up being rewarded in the process. I wonder...what would happen if you decided to "do it afraid?" What is the best thing that could happen?


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Photo Credit: Cory+Casey Photography


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